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Fast-Drying Spray Paint: Fast-drying superior quality spray enamel that forms a tough, durable finish on all interior and exterior applications. Resists rust and prevents corrosion when applied to properly prepared surfaces. Excellent for application on wood, metal, furniture, and fiberglass. Lead-free. Packed in standard 16 oz. cans with color matching tamper proof caps. Complete variety of colors available in either 11 oz.(312 gram) or 9 oz.(255 gram) fill weight.

Flourescent Spray Paint: Adds a bold, bright finish for greater visibility and safety. Ideal for advertising signs, decorations, and sports gear. Glows under black light. Available in six brilliant colors (Red-Orange, Yellow-orange, Cerise, Green, Lemon-Yellow, Blue)
Heat-Proof Spray Paint: Ideal for stovepipes, woodstoves, boilers, ovens, grills, engines or any surface requiring a specialty heat-proof coating. Extreme Heat-Proof Spray Paint performs beautifully in temperatures up to 1200F (650C). Heavy-duty coating also protects against rust and corrosion. Available in BLACK, SILVER and non-yellowing WHITE.
Stock# E-2805-HHB Black (12x1 cans/carton, each 312 grams)
Stock# E-2805-HHW White (12x1 cans/carton,each 312 grams)
Stock# E-2805-HHA Aluminum (12 cans/carton, each 312 grams)
Engine Enamel: Hi-Performance spray enamel with heat resistance up to 300F (149C). Gasoline, chemical and rust resistant. Superior durability under a variety of stress conditions. Excellent for automotive, above-water marine and fleet applications. Following OEM colors available:
  • Chrome Aluminum
  • Universal Black
  • Ford Gray
  • Ford/Chrysler Blue
  • Chevy Blue
  • Ford Blue
  • Ford Mustang Blue
  • Chevy Orange
  • GM Red
  • Chrysler Blue
  • GM Blue
Super Krome & 18KT Gold Metallic Spray Paint: Unique spray paints that produce brilliant high-gloss chrome effect and gold effect finishes. These shiny bright coatings are great for home, automotive and decorative craft applications like picture frames
Stock# E-2802 Super Krome (12x1 cans, each 312 grams/carton)
Stock# E-2803 18KT Gold (12x1 cans, each 312 grams/carton)

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