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FINE WHITE POLISHING COMPOUND: Professional formula ultra-fine white polishing compound containing a unique blend of micro-abrasives & polishing agents. Removes fine sand scratches (1200, 1500 & 2000 grit) and paint defects from new and aged painted surfaces. Effectively polishes away surface contaminants and oxidation restoring that smooth, dramatic high-gloss finish. Easy to use. Excellent results by hand or machine application. Formulated for use on all types of painted finishes (clearcoat, enamel, lacquer). No silicone, no wax. Professional use only.
Stock # E-3014 (6x1 - 850 grams per carton)
Stock # E-3014-T (12x1 - 400 grams per carton)
FINE WHITE FINISH RUB: Mildly aggressive medium-cut white polishing compound formulated with a very fine abrasive ideal for removing 800-1000 grit sand scratches, overspray, severe oxidation, road film and surface marks from new or aged paint surfaces. Great for polishing spot repairs for perfect blending. Can be used by hand or machine. Contains no silicone, no wax. Produces smooth, bright finish. Professional use only.
Stock # E-3013 (6x1 quarts/carton)
FAST-CUT RED RUBBING COMPOUND: Extra fast-cutting compound works exceptionally well for leveling rough surfaces and reconditioning chalked and marred finishes. Recommended for removing coarse sand scratches and paint defects from new or old acrylic, lacquer, and synthetic enamel paint finishes. No silicone, no wax. Professional use only.
Stock # E-555-Q (6x1 quarts/carton)
Stock # E-555-G (4x1 gallons/carton)

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