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Polishes and Waxes

  Carnauba Wax: The fast, easy way to a long lasting, ultimate high gloss finish that shines and protects. Contains a unique blend of pure Brazilian carnauba wax known to produce an outstanding shine to painted surfaces. Soft paste formula goes on fast and wipes off with ease. Durable, safe and effective on all types of paint finishes including clearcoats. Removes haze, minor scratches and surface blemishes while restoring the brilliant luster and adding protection. Available in paste and liquid.
Stock # E-2508 (12x1-8 oz. cans/carton) Paste
Stock # E-2516 (12x1-16 oz. bottles/carton) Liquid
Gloss Master:Durable, wax & silicone free finishing glaze which beautifies and protects both fresh and aged painted finishes. Great wax replacement and swirl-mark remover. Formulated with a special blend of glossing agents to add a deep, sparkling shine. Paint shop safe; no-wax, no-silicone formula will not cause “fish-eye”. Excellent results by hand or machine application. Recommended for use following E-3014 Fine White Polishing Compound.
Stock # E-3015 (12x1-16 oz. bottles/carton)
Professional Car Glaze: Professional wax and cleaner that restores sparkling shine to painted finishes. Heavy-duty silicone formula contains cleaners and brighteners producing a deep, brilliant shine. Effectively polishes out surface blemishes and oxidation. Provides long-lasting, tough wax barrier that repels contaminants. Can be applied in sun or shade. Formulated for all types of painted finishes (clearcoat, enamel & lacquer). Also polishes & protects chrome fixtures, appliances and tile.
Stock # A-2504 (12x1-16 oz. cans/carton)

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