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AUTOMOTIVE MASKING TAPE: Premium masking tape designed for professional automotive paint refinishers. Provides superior protection against penetration of paints, primers and solvents. Conforms well hugging contour and shape of virtually any surface. Performs well in various climates.
Stock# 0107 (Available in many widths & lengths. Inquire for quotation)
GENERAL PURPOSE MASKING TAPE: Economical, high quality multi-purpose masking tape that adheres well and provides great protection. Excellent for household of professional painting jobs.
Stock# 0107 (Available in many widths & lengths. Inquire for quotation)
ENDURA® MASKING PAPER: consists of a unique fiber design which makes it ideal for use with all types of finishes, especially lacquers, enamels, urethanes, polyester and epoxy coatings. Also holds out to solvents. Highly recommended for use in tough automotive, industrial, and marine applications. Endura® Masking Paper is converted with sheer-cut equipment which eliminates paper dust within the roll, whereas most competitors use scoring equipment which creates paper dust within the roll and carton. No paper fluff or “fuzzies” during wet sanding! It is packed on a plastic core that is more durable than cardboard. A high quality, reliable and economic solution to your auto body repair needs.
BLUE POLY COATED PAPER: TOTAL PROTECTION AGAINST SOLVENT BLEED-THROUGH! Poly coating prevents penetration from urethane paints, solvents and water. Mask paper side down and paint against poly coating. Your answer for total protection against solvent bleed-through. AVAILABLE IN 12”, 18”, 36” ROLLS.
MACHINE GLAZED MASKING PAPER: Machine glazed for greater hold-out. Provides 20-25% additional solvent bleed-through protection over standard masking paper. Sheer cut to reduce paper dust within roll and carton. AVAILABLE IN 12”, 18”, 36” ROLLS.
MASKING PAPER DISPENSER: Convenient, easy way to dispense masking paper with taped edge. Dual dispensing machine has two sharp anodized blades for clean cutting. Two comfort-grip handles in back for easy maneuverability. Four tape reels can be used for double-sided taping. Plenty of storage space for sandpaper and paint guns.
Stock # A-200 (1 piece/carton)

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