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HAND CLEANER with PUMICE : Heavy duty formula that quickly removes lacquer, enamel, acrylics, primer, carbon, oil, grease, tar, asphalt, dyes, adhesives, rubber cement, printers ink and other stubborn soils. Contains premium ground American pumice for deep, powerful cleaning action without the use of harsh chemicals. Fortified with five skin conditioners including Aloe and Lanolin. Also contains antiseptic agent.
Stock # E-1907-P (12x1-14 oz. units/carton)
Stock # E-1910-P (6x1-4.5 lb. units/carton)
ORIGINAL HAND CLEANER : Fast-acting remover of oil, grease, ink, tar, gasket cements, carbon, paint, food and grass stains. Fortified with five skin conditioners including Aloe and Lanolin to prevent hands from dryness, chapping and cracking. Also contains antiseptic agent. Can be used with or without water. Removes stubborn stains from washable fabrics such as cosmetics/lipstick, crayon, shoe polish, ink, grease, tar, paint, grass stains, blood, chocolate, tobacco, BBQ sauce, gravy and other tough stains.
Stock # E-1907-C (12x1-14 oz. units/carton)
Stock # E-1910-C (6x1-4.5 lb. units/carton)


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