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PROFESSIONAL POLISHER / SANDER: 7” Professional variable speed polisher / sander ideal for polishing cars, boats and recreational vehicles as well as sanding wood, metal and fiberglass. Powerful 11 AMP motor. 1,000 to 3,000 RPM no load speed. Heavy duty motor double insulated for safety. Speed control dial for fast or slow operation. Locking on/off switch. Multi-position safety handle which mounts on left, right or top of unit for ease of use. Available in 120V-60Hz or 230V-50Hz. Includes convenient carry case, backing disc, safety handle, wrench and polishing pad.
Stock # EPT-6500-120 (2x1 units/carton)
Stock # EPT-6500-230 (2x1 units/carton)
AUTOBODY STEEL BLADES: The best spreader on the market! Manufactured using blue clock-spring steel making them highly flexible for contouring and virtually nick-proof. These features allow for a smooth, exacting spread and fine feather edge eliminating the need for heavy sanding, saving time and money.
Stock # E-3300 FS-6, Set of two 6" blades (100 sets/carton)
Stock # E-3301 FS-5, Set of four (1" thru 4")(100 sets/carton)
Stock # E-3302 FS-4, Set of two 4" blades (100 sets/carton)

PLASTIC AUTOBODY SPREADERS: Top quality polyethylene spreaders for putties and fillers. Available individually carded or bulk pack.
Stock # E-1200 Set of three (4", 5", 6" blades) carded, (25 sets/box)
Stock # E-1204 Standard 4" blade (100 blades/carton - bulk)
Stock # E-1205 Standard 5" blade (100 blades/carton - bulk)
Stock # E-1206 Standard 6" blade (100 blades/carton - bulk)
PROFESSIONAL PAINT STRAINERS: Designed to filter out lumps, small particles, and foreign matter before spraying, rolling, or brushing for a total cleansing of paint. Made of durable paper shell with nylon mesh strainer.
Stock # H-12-01 (1000 pieces per case)
RUBBER SANDING BLOCKS: Secures wet or dry sandpaper in place with molded-in spikes. Made of durable rubber. Smooth bottom for maximum performance.
Stock # A-930 (50x1-5” pieces/carton)
Stock # G-2309 (36x1-9” pieces/carton)
NON-TOXIC PARTICLE DUST MASKS: For protection against non-toxic / non-hazardous dusts, powders, pollen and other airborne irritants. Disposable masks are lightweight, comfortable, easy to breathe through; custom fitting with adjustable nose piece.
Stock # 810 (1000 masks/case)
MULTI-USE HALF-MASK RESPIRATOR: For protection against mists of paint, lacquers, and enamels; insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and pesticides free of oil; dusts, fumes, and mists free of oil; NOT FOR FUMIGANTS. Maintenance free. Comes assembled and ready to use. Includes organic and P95 particulate filter. Packaged in resealable zip-lock bag. Soft and lightweight. Available in Small, Medium and Large.
Stock # G-8211 (12x1 pieces/carton)
3-WAY COTTON SPRAY SOCKS: Used by painters everywhere. These soft spray socks protect hair and face from annoying overspray. Covers as much or little as desired. Inexpensive and disposable. Bleached cotton material is virtually lint free.
Stock # A-141 (144 pieces per master carton)
Medium cut non-woven nylon containing aluminum oxide abrasive grain. For general cleaning, finishing and light sanding old paint and new primers. 6”x9” pads.

Stock # 10890 (60 pieces/carton)

Ultra-fine silicon carbide abrasive for lightly sanding or scuffing clearcoat for blending. 6”x9” pads.
Stock # 10891 (60 pieces/carton)
6” SCUFF-DISC: Maroon:
Medium cut scuff disc available with either pressure sensitive adhesive backing for DA sander, or “Hook & Loop” backing for quick, easy application and removal. Save time and effort by “power-scuffing” instead of hand scuffing.
Stock # 7506 (10 pieces/carton) PSA backing
Stock # 8506 (10 pieces/carton) Hook & Loop backing

Fine cut scuff disc designed for available with either pressure sensitive adhesive backing for DA sander, or “Hook & Loop” backing for quick, easy application and removal.
Stock # 7507 (10 pieces/carton) PSA backing
Stock # 8507 (10 pieces/carton) Hook & Loop backing
ORIGINAL N-DEX 100% NITRILE GLOVES: Contains absolutely no latex or natural rubber proteins. N-DEX 100% nitrile gloves are three times more puncture resistant than ordinary rubber latex or vinyl gloves of the same thickness. The patented N-DEX low-modulus formulation is often imitated but is beyond comparison. Exerts virtually no pressure on the hand resulting in less fatigue, as well as keeps a cooler, drier hand.
S, M, L, XL - 4 mil, 9.5” - Available lightly powdered or powder-free.

Stock # No. 7005, 2000 pieces per master carton (100 gloves per dispenser, 20 dispensers per carton)
SURGICAL BLUE TACK CLOTH: The solution to your base coat/clear coat problems. Compatible with all primers, primer surfaces, sealers and high solids coatings. Contains no oils, solvents, silicones or any other material that may affect surface adhesion.
Stock # 15901 (144 pieces/carton)
SHUTZ-TYPE SPRAY GUN: For use in the application of E-2200 OEM Undercoating and Gravel Guard Rocker Panel Coating.
Stock # BUPA (24x1 pieces/carton)
GRAVITY FEED PRODUCTION GUN: Featuring three built-in regulators to control air flow, paint flow and material width. Fully balanced to reduce fatigue. Choose from 1.3mm, 1.4mm, 1.5mm, 1.7mm, and 2.0mm spray nozzle set-up. 500ml cup capacity.
Stock # A-150 (1 piece/box)
PROFESSIONAL SPRAY GUN WITH DRIPLESS CUP: Siphon-feed high production spray gun designed for heavy automotive spraying of all refinish materials including urethanes, enamels, lacquers, primers, stains, acrylics and varnishes. The one quart cup features an internal breather tube for dripless spraying.
Stock # A-102 (1 piece/box)
12-PIECE MASTER SPRAY GUN CLEANING KIT: Ideal for cleaning all types of Suction, Gravity Feed, HVLP, Touch-Up, Detailing and Pressure Spray Guns, as well as airbrushes and striping tools. Set includes 5 versatile brushes, 5 wooden picks, air cap cleaning tool and container of spray gun lube. **FLUSH GUN WITH SOLVENT AFTER USE OF LUBRICANT.
Stock # A-212 (1 kit, carded)
9” SMOOTH ROD CAULKING GUN: Suitable for light industrial and general hardware use. Recommended for light consistency caulks, sealants and adhesives. Will accommodate all types of 1/10 catridges.
Stock # E-4402 (24 pieces/carton)
BONNET CLEANING TOOL: Quickly fluffs and cleans buffing pads and bonnets. Removes glazed surfaces and loosens packed wool to prolong the life of the pad.
Stock # A-711 (1 piece, carded)

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